You want flexible IT solutions that cost-effectively meet your needs?
Do you have a project that needed to be completed yesterday?

Well then this is the right place for you. We are a dedicated team of software professionals having years of experience in efficiently providing business software solutions. We at iTraitz rapidly implement enterprise solutions, provide virtual staffing solutions or combine both according to your requirements. We leverage offshore expertise to turn your business vision into practical reality. We have the design and development team to get your project done fast, efficiently and at a price that is within your budget.

A merit driven organization, driven by strong positive and proactive thinking, iTraitz ensures that structured and contemporary techniques are followed for all our activities. This helps us in our vision to surge ahead the challenges and stay at the forefront while growing with our vision.


iTraitz started as an IT firm offering Software Development Services, Offshore IT Staffing Solutions and Data Mining Services. We started in the year 2002 and have been providing quality, effective enterprise solutions for clients across the globe. Leveraging our quality resources in India, we have established a highly qualified offshore development team to provide affordable and effective solutions to our clients.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of software professionals having years of experience in efficiently providing business software solutions. The experience which we have gained over the years, paved way for the starting of iTraitz as an offshore software development centre. Our team has years of experience in providing IT Solutions for both small and large corporate clients all over the US and Europe.

The Cost Advantage

In today's tough economic environment, companies are searching for ways to reduce the costs of their IT functions, while maintaining the quality and support efficiency. Sending parts of software development and maintenance work to offshore destinations like India with cost-effective IT talent is an attractive option, however concerns over complexities of managing such development has prevented some companies from adopting this approach. iTraitz is one among the few offshore developement firms in India offering the most competitively priced developers in the world. iTraitz help hasten your business at a cost that can cut your IT budget by 80% when compared to normal on-site IT staffing. To discuss more about rates and quotes please feel free to contact us with no obligation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients in developing quality software solutions which is simple in use but yet having ability to handle their complex problems. We are committed in providing quality IT Solutions to our clients at a cost which fits their budget. Our priority is to surge ahead the challenges and stay at the forefront while growing with our vision. The company is committed in delivering value for money solutions in a timely manner.

What makes us different?

Offshore - iTraitz provides a potential opportunity for you to explore offshore outsourcing for cost savings and operational efficiency.

Experience - We have a strong experience in executing complex projects offshore for clients all over the world.

Expertise - We execute projects using the same technology domains in which you have a need to find talent. Hence, we have a good understanding of what to look for while sourcing appropriate talent for your need.

Aggregate - Working with iTraitz allows you to reach a wide base of experienced candidates through our network, increasing the odds of finding the most appropriate talent which meets your needs.

Process - Providing low-cost, high-quality software development services remotely requires well-developed processes for managing large-scale projects in distributed locations - capabilities that we have honed over the years. Whether you become our client or e-partner, we can open new horizons to your business and bring new possibilities that you never thought of before.

Time Savings - We have developed tools, infrastructure, methodologies, processes, and the management expertise for providing remote services to clients around the globe. Working with us, frees up your valuable time to focus on the project while we focus on making offshore services work for you.


The iTraitz team consists of highly qualified software engineers and developers with diversified skill sets in almost all IT related areas. We have a certified team with core expertise in developing:

  • Web based applications - static and dynamic dating sites, portals, b2b, b2c and e-commerce websites.
  • Client server applications.
  • Mobile based applications.
  • Design - brochures, logos, templates, banners etc.

Available skill sets

  • Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, DHMTL, JavaScript, AJax, CSS, Bootstrap, XML, XSLT, PHP, Perl, ASP.
  • Microsoft: .Net, ASP.Net, C#, .Net Web services.
  • Java: JSP, Java Applets, Servlets, J2EE, EJB, J2ME.
  • Middleware: COM, DCOM, Web Logic, J2EE, X-Commerce, EJB, Nuance VWS.
  • Database: MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Postgre-SQL, MySQL, Informix, and other database technologies.
  • Design Tools: Adobe - Photoshop, Illustrator, Imageready, Pagemaker, Flash, Dreamweaver, Fireworks. Coreldraw.
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows 9x/NT/XP/2000/2003, Sun Solaris.
  • Web Servers: Apache, IIS, Websphere


iTraitz is located at Asia's greenest technology park - Technopark which is situated in Trivandrum (official name Thiruvananthapuram), lying on the south-west coast of India, is the capital to the state of Kerala. The city extends from latitude 8°29` N to longitude 76°59` E. The place is well connected to most of the other major cities of India through rail, road, and air network.


Web Solutions

Technology Packed
The iTraitz web development team has a proven track record in developing mission critical web based applications under tight deadlines. We bring you elegant, easy to use, efficient and technology packed web solutions for your business at a price tag which perfectly fits your pocket.
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Virtual IT Staffing

Offshore Arm of your Company
Virtual IT Staffing is an innovative concept of creating a virtual extension of your internal resources in a cost effective manner. Virtual IT Staffing provides you cost saving of more than 80% when compared to traditional on-site staffing.
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Non Voice BPO Services

Everything under one umbrella
Do you have tons of Data Processing work which requires massive man power or is that something which eats up your money and time? We have a solution for you. Free up your company's valuable resources and outsource your data entry to iTraitz.
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Web Solutions

Are you in need of a web solution for your business?.
Your IT budget for the year is low and cost of development is prohibitive?
Come to iTraitz. We have a solution for you. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how iTraitz can meet your needs while saving you money.

The iTraitz web development team has a proven track record in developing mission critical web based applications under tight deadlines. We bring you elegant, easy to use, efficient and technology packed web solutions for your business at a price tag which perfectly fits your pocket.
If you are considering the Web as a means to extend your business or organization, then we can help you achieve your goals in the most effective and cost efficient manner. An effective Web presence requires the fusion of quality content and attractive design. Many designers fall short of this ideal, producing a content-rich site that's hard to navigate or a clean, crisp design that doesn't say anything important.
iTraitz brings to the table a background in fine art and an understanding of web development. We realize the importance of clear, solid content; at the same time we are familiar with the nuances of site development and how to ensure a page will look the same on various platforms and browsers.
iTraitz develops custom web sites ranging from single-page informational sites to larger e-commerce sites of one hundred pages and up. We consult with the client personally through the development process, clarifying goals and objectives. Based on these goals we make recommendations on content, site architecture, design and layout, and on which technologies we feel will most effectively deliver his/her message.

  • 12 + years of experience in building web based business solutions for clients across the globe.
  • Several full time certified web masters and programmers in the team.
  • Top designers gifted with true design talent.
  • Our web development team has achieved several awards for maintaining quality and robustness for our web based products and services.
Interested? Contact us right away for pricing and other details.

Virtual IT Staffing

Virtual IT Staffing is an innovative concept of creating a virtual extension of your internal resources in a cost effective manner. Virtual IT Staffing provides you cost saving of more than 80% when compared to traditional on-site staffing. Be it a dedicated individual or a team, you don't have to run through the hassles of recruitment or any employee overheads (desks, computers, office supplies, office space, insurance, taxes, un-employment).

What we do?
We will analyse your current needs and work with you to set up your own Virtual Offshore Development Office (VODO) - an offshore arm of your company. Basically, we help you extend your virtual team to form your offshore office using dedicated resources. We provide the infrastructure while you provide vision, management and oversight. We provide you:
Permanent, temporary and project life-cycle Virtual IT Staffing.
As you need it - one individual or an entire team.

Our Promise
  • Send out newspaper ADs, conduct hiring campaigns, identify, test, interview, and hire candidates.
  • Provide you the best experienced IT Professionals nurtured from premier educational institutions in India.
  • Allow you and your team to have meetings with candidates over IM or phone before being hired.
  • Completely dedicate the hired candidate to your technical development needs alone.
  • Provide hired candidates necessary client readiness training.
  • Provide the computers, network and professional office space for each hired employee.
Interested? Contact us right away for pricing and other details.

Non Voice BPO Services

Do you have tons of Data Processing work which requires massive man power or is that something which eats up your money and time? We have a solution for you. Free up your company's valuable resources and outsource your data entry to iTraitz. We'll handle all your tedious data entry tasks with expertise and efficiency. The experience which we have gained over the years in the industry has provided our operators and programmers the opportunity to start and complete a significant number of varied projects. This experience has given us the opportunity to develop an exceptional combination of data entry experience and programming skills.

Data Collection
We convert hand-written forms, i.e. index cards, as well as printed records (e.g. archived newspapers, document registers, etc.)
  • Indexing of scanned documents.
  • Professional papers, for example technical, legal, medical, etc.
  • Formatted texts, tables, lists, etc.
  • Forms and accounting receipts.
  • Historical documents.
  • Address recording.
  • Library operations (conversion of legacy systems, index card recording, etc.).
All text once entered is comparison-tested for discrepancies. Through appropriate proofreading measures we achieve a guaranteed accuracy of greater than 99.95%.

Data Conversion
We analyze, repair or convert existing databases and integrate the data with records from other sources. This work is done manually and supported by software tools as well. Examples of data conversion include converting documents or files into HTML, XML or PDF, or extracting the content from PDF files for use in other formats.

  • Accuracy of greater than 99.95%.
  • Highly skilled manpower.
  • Faster turnaround time and low costs.
  • Everything under one umbrella - Data Entry, Collection, Conversion and virtually any thing you need to manipulate Data.
Interested? Contact us right away for pricing and other details.

Client List

Our clients include pioneers from diversified domains like legal, health care, hotel industry, sports, automobile, real estate etc.
Some of our major clients include:


A leading Legal Services Company located in GA, USA
A leading hospitality store in Newyork, USA

A leading software development house in Exerter, UK
A leading Golf club in Exeter Devon, UK


A leading software house offering web development and hosting in Australia.
One of the biggest companies offering digital Video & Voice broad band VoIP telephony products and services all over Australia.

A leading Real Estate Company in Paris, France.


The iTraitz e-Partner program is something uniquely designed for those who wish to become our business partner with zero investment. The program is specifically designed to maximize business value for our e-Partners. You could be an e-Partner of iTraitz if you feel that you fall under any of the categories listed below:

If you're interested in selling iTraitz’s offshore services.
If you wish to add offshore development services to your services portfolio.

How does it work?

We will help you establish Offshore Branch Offices for your clients manned by seasoned IT professionals at a fraction of the cost that you would otherwise bear onsite. You can sell our services under your brand-name and we will work in the back-ground providing you and your clients with expert services using the Offshore Delivery Model.

Types of e-Partner Depending on the nature of the relationship with the e-Partner, iTraitz classify its e-Partners into two types.

1. Concord e-Partner.
2. iAgent e-Partner.

Concord e-Partner

For Companies
The e-Partner - Concord program is for those companies who wish to add any of our services to their services portfolio. You could be a Concord e-Partner of iTraitz if you belong to any one of the following:

Software Development Company.
Software Consulting Company.
Application Service Provider.
Web Design/Development Company.
Advertising Company.
Employee Search/Staffing Company.

How does it work?

Being our Concord e-Partner, iTraitz can add substantial value to your business through Offshore Service Delivery. Under this partnership program, iTraitz will work in the background as an offshore resource to provide solutions and services to your clients.

We will resource and deploy a dedicated team of software engineers based in India who will work on your client`s projects and processes. iTraitz will setup teams, provide the infrastructure and manage them from our Offshore Competency Centre in India. As our Concord e-Partner, you can sell our services under your label and we will ensure that your client`s requirements are fulfilled.

The Benefits

  • Extensive competency in offshore resource management.
  • Credibility from our unparalleled track record.
  • Quality-centric approach.
  • Fortune 1000 customer endorsement.
  • Extension of IT resources in India.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Access to best-of-the-breed technical talent.
  • Extensive and extended domain expertise.
  • Scalability.
  • Competencies in latest technologies.
  • Experience in setting up offshore teams for major corporations.
  • Special service discount.

iAgent e-Partner

For Individuals
Do you have a passion for selling offshore services like Offshore Development, Virtual IT Staffing and Web Development?. If yes, then you can become an iAgent e-Partner of iTraitz. iAgents are responsible for selling our services to corporations, government agencies, start ups, small businesses, and academic institutions. iAgents may be located anywhere in the world, must have good knowledge of their local market and must have good contacts with enterprises in their cities. Prior experience of selling offshore services is helpful. By joining the e-Partner iAgent program of iTraitz, you become part of the global network of iAgents in various parts of the world selling our services for which you receive a handsome amount of money as commission.

How does it work?

The iAgent will work on selling our services, thereby obtaining us clients. These can be from any source and within any budget. Once you make the client sign for any of our services, you pass on the details to us and we take care of the client's needs using our offshore resources. For this work you receive a healthy commission. Simple.

Basically it's a mutually beneficial agreement: you get money for little effort while we get clients in areas we otherwise would not be able to target.

You do the research in your area and find clients for us. Then you pass on the client requirements to us. We both then discuss and make a package for that client. You then approach the potential client and make an agreement on price etc. Once the price is agreed you confirm the project with the client and then you make them sign our service agreement. iTraitz will carry out all contact with the client and all the work from this point. Once iTraitz start receiving payments from the client you start getting paid as well. iTraitz will send your payment by cheque, cash transfer or money order.

The Benefits

  • High-commissions.
  • Pre-sales support from iTraitz.
  • Documentation and technical support.
  • Flexible work periods.
  • Bright opportunities for growth.
  • Association with a leading offshore company.

Interested? Contact Us Now!


Here is what some of our esteemed clients think about us.

It is my pleasure to recommend the software development and staffing services of iTraitz IT Solutions. During the past thirteen years, my staff and I have worked directly with Tigy Thankachan, CEO of iTraitz IT Solutions, on numerous projects. iTraitz offers top-notch quality, service and rates. I have never been disappointed by their level of service or rates.

The projects are too numerous to discuss one-by-one. Tigy and his team have on several occasions on major projects listened to what we needed and have come up with solutions that far surpassed our expectations. They understand our company`s services, our needs and our clients. Their uncanny ability to process all the information we provide them and come up with solutions is invaluable to our organization. I believe that their creativity and knowledge of our organization has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years and made our staff more productive and efficient.

Please consider iTraitz IT Solutions for all your software and staffing needs. I highly recommend them

Eddy Saldana, President - Paranet Corporation Services (USA), Annual Registration Management Services (USA)

We have been working with iTraitz IT Solutions for many years now and have nothing but gratitude for this company. The words that would define them best are availability, strong commitment and above all reliability.

We have more than 450 agents in France that generate thousands of 360° and 3D virtual tours each year all of which are completely made by iTraitz from A to Z in less than a day.

This partnership has grown so much we now like to think of iTraitz as an offshore branch of our company.

Nicolas Gasne, CTO - Alalucarne (France)

iTraitz IT Solutions has been designing and developing a wide variety of complex IT solutions for my company and my clients, for the past 12 years.

Five years ago they developed an extremely complex technical trading stock market charting service for my company. It includes vertical line and point and figure stock charts, as well as complex end of day calculations and reports.

There are always updates and changes in an evolving stock market environment. The iTraitz support is outstanding. Changes and updates are completed within hours and ready for the next trading day.

I strongly recommend iTraitz IT Solutions to any business considering new or updating existing web application projects.

James E. O'Brien, President - The Jamison Group, Inc. (USA)

Careers @ iTraitz

Would you like to be part of a company that is forging ahead in the global market and is making history? If yes, read on.

To achieve our vision, we are always looking out for talented, learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!

Our mission is to provide clients with quality development and satisfaction, while providing our employees with a supportive work culture and opportunities to advance their careers. At iTraitz, our employees work on leading-edge technologies in an energized working environment.

If you are interested in applying for a position, please check out the current openings section. You can alternatively email your resume to We will let you know if we have something that fits your skill set.

Interested? Apply Now!

Current Openings

The Following vacancies are currently open at our Technopark office.

Software Engineer (PHP)

A college degree in CS, IT, or relevant experience working on/in a proven entrepreneurial environment (atleast 1 year). Ideal candidates will have experience working with one or more of the following skills: PHP, Ajax, HTML, Javascript and MySQL technology. Knowledge in AWS will be a plus. We are looking for enthusiastic, friendly people who values small company culture and teamwork. Candidates should be self-starters and be forward thinking.

Candidates with more experience will be considered for senior posts.

Job Description:
We are looking for skilled programmers with PHP, Ajax, HTML, Javascript and MySQL experience to work with our highly accomplished web development team. You will be responsible for the development of client web applications. You will work independently and with a small team of software engineers, program managers and designers to create back-end web applications. You will be responsible for real-time operational support in all engineering functional areas as well as brainstorming features and ideas. You will design and implement scalable, flexible, high-standard applications using PHP and MySQL and other programming and Web technologies. See the results of your work quickly. Opportunity to learn from a group of highly accomplished team members.

Working Hours : 9 AM to 6 PM (5 day week).
Location : Technopark, Trivandrum - India.
How to apply: Interested candiates may please apply using the following link:
Apply Now
Note: Please don't email your resume or call our phone numbers to know about the Job Vacancy or status. We believe we have posted enough information for a candidate to apply for the Job. You will be contacted back if you are shortlisted for the Job. Good Luck!

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Our main offshore office is located at Asia's greenest technopolis, Technopark.
It is located at the southern most tip of India.

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